NSF Convergence Accelerator: Speed Dating for Techies

Now, more than ever, people use technology to help them make decisions. Which restaurants to eat at, which stores to shop at, and which brands to buy. So it comes as no surprise that more and more people are turning to technology to help them make romantic decisions as well. Stephanie Tong, assistant professor of communication studies at Wayne State, has been studying the association between romantic dating and computer-mediated communication for more than a year. She and her team recently received a three-year grant from the National Science Foundation in September to continue her research. Tong has had a long-running interest in online communication and close relationships and says that she wants to know how the relational landscape in American society is being affected by the rise of online dating. Finding out what the social implications are, Tong says, is an important question that remains to be answered. Tong is collaborating on her interdisciplinary study with Dr. Richard Slatcher and Dr. Jeff Hancock, the co-investigators on the grant.

NSF pushed to boost funding for dating and squeezing rocks

Newswise — DETROIT — With nearly ninety percent of Americans utilizing the internet, the use of online dating websites has grown tremendously since the launch of the first online dating service in Today, Americans find it more culturally acceptable to look for a potential partner online and one-in-five adults between the ages of 25 to 34 have used online dating services. With the help of a 3. Stephanie Tong, Ph. She has been studying the association between romantic dating and computer-mediated communication, and with this grant, will explore the social implications of the rise of online dating.

The project also will provide new insights regarding the ways that online dating systems are designed to facilitate interpersonal contact, impact the self-concepts of the people who use them, and it may provide new information and insights that can facilitate improvements to the design of popular forms of social computing technology.

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This technique is important to archaeologists and other scientists because it permits extremely small samples to be measured. Long’s laboratory is responsible for preparing samples for both the TAMS and conventional beta counting machines. With an additional three years of support, this laboratory will both continue its own research and provide a service function to the user community. It will pursue a series of specialized research projects.

Trying to decipher an online dating profile? Keep this list of dating acronyms handy and you’ll understand internet dating lingo in no time.

New research, however, has demonstrated that Chavin’s architectural sequence is much different and more complex than previously believed, and that its monumental construction concluded between – B. This represents a major shift in Chavin chronology that significantly impacts understanding of Andean formative social development. Chavin’s few dates are now associated with the final monumental stage and later periods of the site’s long construction sequence.

Consequently, the time depth represented by the undated, complex monumental stages prior to this suggests that the sequence extends much farther back in time than previously believed. This increased time-depth would dramatically change archaeologist’s understanding of the Andean formative period. Additionally, many other formative sites are sparsely dated, making inter-site comparisons problematic. Dating of the architecture at Chavin and other formative sites is thus a fundamental priority for accurately understanding the chronology and social development of this period.

Dating an NSF Recruit 101

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Aggression between dating partners is a serious societal, health, and criminal justice problem that affects many persons, particularly.

Currently, Earth scientists have a difficult time placing narrow constraints on the precise time that a fault occurs deep within the crust of the Earth. This project combines two state-of-the-science techniques to directly date the time of faulting along a key fault zone in southeast Alaska, and thereby date when ancient earthquakes occurred. Development of this new analytical technique will enable considerable future research and understanding of how Earth materials deform.

In addition, this research project will provide training and research opportunities for a female graduate student and several undergraduate students. Visits to local elementary schools will enable potential future scientists to experience the methods and results of Earth science research, with direct implications for earthquake hazards.

This collaborative project consists of two principal objectives: 1 develop the mineral titanite as a tool for dating high-temperature deformation by a combined microstructural and microgeochronology approach, and 2 apply this tool to the evolution of the spectacular Coast Shear Zone and Great Tonalite Sill in the Coast Mountains orogen of southeast Alaska. Research methods will incorporate a field study to understand qualitatively the evolution of a mid- to deep crustal intra-arc shear zone and synkinematic sheeted-sill complex exposed in the Coast shear zone of Alaska and Canada.

Titanite analyses will include electron-backscatter diffraction maps of titanite microstructure, and laser-ablation split-stream inductively coupled plasma maps of titanite composition that incorporate U-Pb dates. These data will allow assessment of the physical and chemical processes that affected the crystal, and the identification of crystals whose U-Pb distribution reflects high-temperature deformation.

Because titanite is a widespread crustal mineral, this technique should have broad application globally and enhance our understanding of how crust deforms and orogens assemble and change through time. This award reflects NSF’s statutory mission and has been deemed worthy of support through evaluation using the Foundation’s intellectual merit and broader impacts review criteria.

Love at First Site: Professor Stephanie Tong Receives 3-Year NSF Grant for Online Dating Studies

ABSTRACT Aggression between dating partners is a serious societal, health, and criminal justice problem that affects many persons, particularly adolescents and young adults. Although often understood as a phenomenon that is transmitted across generations, growing up in an aggressive household does not necessarily lead to aggressive romantic relationships. Identifying factors associated with resilience versus risk for young adult dating aggression is an important step for developing effective and targeted educational and intervention programs.

Much of the prior research focuses on static individual characteristics to identify who is at risk for dating aggression.

Collaborative Research: Dating Deformation with Titanite the geologic history of the Earth comes from radiometric dating of Earth processes.

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Love at First Site? Wayne State Receives NSF Grant to Explore Impact of Online Dating

Ask any girl, and they will tell you that dating an NSF recruit can be a total nightmare most of the time. Ask any guy who is about to enlist, they will tell you all the horror stories of girls breaking up with guys when they enlist. I mean come on la, these poor things are forced to serve the nation for 2 years, the least you could do is to be there for them right? Imagine having to wake up at 5am every morning, rush to get ready, chow down in 15 mins, attend lectures, spend more than half a day doing PT, drills, literally being the lowest life form in the Army everyday.

NSF Projects. Dating sediments from Paleoindian sites: The chronology of the earliest human migrants to the New World is still disputed and unevenly.

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NSF’s Critical Dates Frequently Asked Questions. 1. How will the National Science Foundation’s (NSF) new financial system, iTRAK, impact ‘s​.

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